About Lilly-Lee Gallery & Studios

Brisbane Art Classes

Lilly-Lee Art Gallery, Sherwood, BrisbaneWelcome to Lilly-Lee Studios where we believe everyone can be an artist — they just need to be shown how!  For many years we were a well-known landmark located on the bustling corner of Oxley and Sherwood Roads in the Brisbane suburb of Sherwood (opposite Sherwood State School). due to Covid-19 we have had to close the gallery and will now offer classes two days a week at a location TBA.

We provide a stimulating and comfortable environment for hobby artists to learn to paint and explore their creative abilities. Our painting classes are informal, relaxed and non-structured, and our methods put beginner artists into creative mode to let them start painting straight away. Most artists are inspired and very excited at the conclusion of their first class. We also offer formal drawing classes, and various one day workshops to teach specific techniques.

We offer classes during the day, after-school and on weekends. Our flexible timetable and casual classes options are perfect for shift-workers and people who travel for work..

If you are still hesitating and not sure whether art is your thing, come and try a casual class the hardest part is getting started.