Adult Growth Mindset Steampunk Figure Making Course 5 weeks Workshop with Philippa Nihot


Sunday 22nd of July 2018 at 9-12


$396 (All materials and refreshments)
Adult Growth Mindset Steampunk Figure Making Course 5 weeks


From 9am-12 for five consecutive Sunday mornings 22 Jul - 19 Aug.  Guidance and support for Adults in a friendly supportive environment. Due  to popularity of the teenage program we are now offering an ADULTGrowth Mindset Steampunk figure Making Course.

Our rapidly changing social, technological, cultural and global environment is affecting our wellbeing. If you're feeling under pressure, anxious about the future, worried about the past, isolated,over exposed, lacking confidence or social engagement come try this Adult Growth Mindset Steampunk course.

Philippa Nihot has developed and delivered this program with great success to teenagers, and due to popular demand is now offering it to adults too. This course;

  • Encourages mindfulness, deeper thinking, peace of mind
  • explores overcoming anxiety, developing self-confidence
  • builds curiosity, self-reflection and self-acceptance
  • Engages students in community and peer group activity through achievement of a multi modal creative task
  • Helps people learn how to express themselves through clothing and style
  • Teaches you to create and experiment  in a safe supportive environment
  • Supports social engagement , shared activities, pursuits and passions
  • Is fun,inclusive and it may be the self-accepting program needed to help you feel good again. 
  • Spaces are limited and you will need to attend the 5 Sundays to complete the program. Full payment is required at time of enrollment.
  • There are no makeup classes for this structured bespoke course. 

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