Following were the winners of the H20 Water Exhibition for 2019

AWARD WINNERS - 2019 H20 Water Exhibition
Anne Poulsen     Noosa River                    WINNER 2019 Adults People’s Choice 



  WINNER 2019 Youth (age 11-16) People’s Choice 

Elise Gordon       Learning to Swim     






Mikayla Turnip    Flamingos                        WINNER 2019 Children (age 6-10) People’s Choice

Ross Leggatt          Summer Days               WINNER 2019 Seascape and Marine
David Van Ulzen    Vietnam Boat Scene     Highly Commended Seascape and Marine
Wendy Moore        A Washing Day              Highly Commended Seascape and Marine
Judy Blaney           Stormy                           Highly Commended Seascape and Marine
Kenny Millar           Endurance                     Highly Commended Seascape and Marine

Lisa Dowdle            Reflections                     WINNER 2019 Landscape
Jenny Mulley          Noosa River                   Highly Commended Landscape

Jenny Mulley          Mangoes                        WINNER 2019 Botanical / Floral
Mireille Zangori      Waterlilly                         Highly commended Botanical Floral
Carol Cain              Botanical Fantasy          Highly commended Botanical Floral

Karen Ogrodnik       Running Rivers              WINNER 2019 Abstract
Perrin Millard           Infinite                            Highly Commended Abstract
Laura Mirrell            Where the Desert meets the Sea  Highly Commended Abstract
Lynette De Kleyn    Waterjugs                       Highly Commended Still Life

Lisa Steer               Flamingo                        Highly Commended Birds
Lynda Byram          Thirsty Bird                     Highly Commended Birds
Brittany Reynolds   Two thirsty blokes           Highly Commended Birds
Kenny Millar            Brolgas                           WINNER 2019 Birds

Laura Leaver          Turtle Power                   Highly Commended Animals
Nitika Koiri              Freedom                         Highly Commended Animals
Erin Moore             Waiting for Water Bowl    WINNER 2019 Animals

Mark Scassola      The River                         Highly Commended People Portrait or Figure
Lynda Byram         Peace with Nature           WINNER 2019 People  Portrait or Figure

Anne Poulsen       Noosa River                     Highly Commended Australiana
Ross Leggatt        The Kimberley                  Highly Commended Australiana
Donna Dix             Outback                           WINNER 2019 Australiana

Hannah Binggeli   Walter Taylor - Brisbane  Highly Commended Architecture/Cityscape
Erin Moore           Refreshingly Different       Highly Commended Architecture/Cityscape
Donna Shine        Tiny Town                         WINNER 2019 Architecture/Cityscape

Kathryn Fairlie     Dolphin Moonlighting       Highly Commended Drawing
Elise Gordon        Learning to Swim            WINNER 2019 Drawing
Jane Border         Waiting for the Rain         WINNER 2019 Best In Show

Theresa Becker   Recycled Bottles             Highly Commended Creative
Tania Haigh         Waterlillies                       Highly Commended Creative
Karen Ogrodnik   Running Rivers                WINNER 2019 Most Creative