Student Art Exhibition 2013

“Paint the Town Red” 7-8 Dec 2013

Paint the Town Red Art Exhibition

Event Report:

Our 2013 Annual Student Art Exhibition was a great success with over 300 people attending the student awards ceremony on the Saturday afternoon. It was fantastic to see so many truly happy faces and lots of prize winners. It was an extraordinary weekend, and a chance for students and the public to see the potential of art work coming from LIlly-Lee Gallery students and teachers.

Lilly-Lee Gallery Art Award Winners 2013


Best: Bayden Murphy - Wise eyes of the Bush

Highly Commended: Irena James - Boats

Animal Art

Best: Heather McDowell - Crocodile

Highly Commended: Michelle Madden - Hallett/ The Turtle

Well Done: Janet Cook - Shadow


Best: Hadieh Afshani - Green Uprising

Highly Commended: Catherine Currie - Shephards Warning

Well Done: Julie Redding - Kurilpa, Phillip Carrol - Waterfall, Shirley Milton - Boat

People Art (portrait or figure)

Best: Philippa Nihot - Tings Labyrinth

Highly Commended: Gabe Boylan - Leap of faith

Well Done: Diane Talgarrd - Glamour, Libby Guthrie - Divine Dior

Botanical/Floral Art

Best: Janelle Porter - Up through the Pandanus

Highly Commended: Ting Luo - Roses in the Garden

Well Done: Pamela Broadbent - Cherry Blossom

Still Life

Best: Anny Arden - Red and White

Highly Commended: Robyn Hawkins - Mushroom

Well Done: Ros Keay - Rose


Best: Liddy Boshma - Red Horses

Highly Commended: Helen Kielly - Cut adrift


Best: Sonia Bettinelli - Kayaks in Byron Bay

Highly Commended: Pamela Broadbent - Menindee Lakes

Children’s Art

Best: Sophie Walliss - Stickers

Highly Commended: Grace Walliss - Eiffel Tower

Well Done: Makinnon Young - Gandalf, Nikita Scott - The night sky.

Special Mention: Breanna Tran

Mixed Media

Best: Donna Adams – Ti-Red

Highly Commended: Michelle Dudley - Blue Moon

People’s Choice Award (Adults)

Pamela Broadbent - Cherry Blossom

People’s Choice Award (Children)

Baydon Murphy - Samson