Student Art Exhibition 2015

2015 Lilly-Lee “Australiana” Exhibition

The theme of our 2015 student exhibition was “Australiana”.

Our students displayed a stunning array of paintings and drawings of items, people, places, flora, fauna and events of Australian origin or design. Anything endemic to Australian culture, society, geography or ecology can fall under the term “Australiana”!

Artworks included pieces on Australian history, landmarks, birds, explorers, entertainers, cricket, , drovers, bushmen, swagmen, surfers, summer beaches, rain-forests, mountains, deserts and the Outback. Aussie icons and brands included Akubra hats,  Hills Hoist, Holden, Vegemite, Victor Mowers, Pavlova it was such an opportunity to unleash our students imagination and creativity!

Participation in the exhibition was open to every student currently attending art classes at Lilly-Lee.

The exhibition was held on the weekend of 24—25 October 2015. The Student Awards Ceremony was on Sunday 25th.

Art Exhibition Brisbane Sherwood
Students' artworks in t birds category

Art Exhibition Brisbane Sherwood
Guests and Peoples choice winning cockatoo artwork

Art Exhibition Brisbane Sherwood
Awards ceremony  with Lilly-Lee Staff 

Art Exhibition Brisbane Sherwood
The exhibition was a success! Huge crowds