Pensioners Discounts

Pensioners Discounts

Lilly-Lee Gallery offers informal and relaxing art classes.  seniors and pensioners are welcome to attend any of our classes, however we offer a  special 10% Pensioner discount for Pensioners attending Thursday morning class. (With presentation of a valid Government Pension Card.) The teacher, Lexie, will guide and nurture complete beginners to overcome their initial fears and trepidations, and provide techniques and ideas. Everyone works at their own pace while listening to the well-selected music or participating in group conversations. The students become a part of an art “family” where friendships with fellow students are fostered and involvement in the gallery in general gives them a new outlet in life.

The arts community greatly benefits from senior people's contribution and resources. Older adults are creators, mentors, teachers, tutors, and advisors, sharing the wisdom they have gained through a lifetime of experience. As role models, they show us how to age creatively by sharing their unique perspectives on life, and teach younger artists what it is like to grow old and continue to really enjoy all that life has to offer. We offer flexibility in classes so if you need to miss a weekly class to look after grandchildren or to go travelling or for any other reason we understand, and offer you "Make-up" sessions in any other available adult class during the term. As long as you complete all classes within the school term. Attending 'Make-up" lessons is a great way to try new teachers and meet other students as well. Don't delay start today. It's never to late to learn to paint...

To choose a class time that suits you best, check out our regular art class timetable.

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