Acrylic and Oil Painting Classes

Acrylic and Oil Painting Classes

Acrylic is the most versatile of all painting mediums, quick drying and relatively environmentally friendly.
Oils are slower to dry so provide working time, require solvents and give a traditional sheen and texture.
In most weekly classes you can learn acrylic or oil painting. Experienced teachers will guide you through painting techniques for the beginner to experienced artist. Join a fun weekly class and learn acrylics or oils today.

If you have never painted before, don't worry what to bring to your first class: you can purchase starter supplies  here. We stock a basic range of art materials at competitive prices. Often it's hard to know in advance what you will need for each project. Buying supplies  "as you go" is the easiest way to get  the best-suited materials for your artwork and avoids spending money on itms you may never use or need.  Our staff will help you to choose the most suitable materials. If you already own materials bring them along.

Avoid purchasing costly materials join a one day  step-by-step oil or acrylic technique Workshop  where all materials are included.


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