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Tanya Ashworth

Artist | Teacher

A Bit About Me
  Lilly-Lee Teacher since 2021

Tanya Ashworth is a freelance illustrator who uses digital art, acrylic, porcelain and gouache paints in her own practice. Tanya started out in the art world in 1990 with her own business, Sarianti Designs, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Illustration and Graphic Design in 1991. She has painted alongside fellow artists on community murals and worked with former Southside Art market director Debra Hood, assisting with the administration and co-ordination of Southside Artists Inc.  She also has her own active art practice, designing digital art for local businesses, and supplying paintings for galleries, exhibitions and commissions. Tanya's work can be viewed at Base Art Gallery and Framing, Holland Park.  

Tanya's social awareness has seen her fulfil roles such facilitating workshops for the local business Road 2 Art at Holland Park, where she worked with 5-7 year olds, showing students art techniques and allowing them the opportunity to discover their own creativity; volunteering at Lotus Place (Forgotten Australians) a support service and resource centre for adult survivors of childhood abuse, offering encouragement, support, and techniques to foster a positive enjoyment of art; and assisting Anglicare, gauging a client's abilities and motor skills to help their social, emotional, and recreational involvement through art.

While competent across multiple mediums,Tanya most enjoys blending acrylics, playing with depth and light to achieve an almost airbrushed finish, to create the illusion of 3D feel on a 2D surface. She uses water colour paper and balsa wood to enhance these effects. Her works predominately include layered collages, bold abstract designs, semi-realistic paintings and photorealism.

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