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Perrin Millard

Art Director| Artist | Teacher

A Bit About Me
Teaching at Lilly-Lee since 2015
Owner/Art Director since 2021

Perrin is an interdisciplinary artist with an active art practice that incorporates painting, sculpture, performance, digital media, lead-lighting, and silver-smithing. From 2007-2015 Perrin undertook technical drawing and painting training, learning a variety of methods and processes from a number of different exceptional artists. In 2018 she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Queensland College of Arts, Griffith University, Southbank obtaining three academic excellence awards; followed by her Honours degree (achieving an Honours 1), in 2021. This broad art education has developed an understanding and respect for the different aspects and pathways within the art industry.


Within her art practice, Perrin has organised and curated multiple Artist Run exhibitions, large-scale community exhibitions, and has been involved in the organisation of artist panels, artist talks, public events, and performances. Perrin has been the recipient of multiple art awards, and has been a finalist in major art prizes including the 2016 Stanthorpe Art Prize, 2018 Lethbridge Gallery 20 000 Small Scale Art Prize, 2018 South Australian Museum Waterhouse Art Prize, 2019 Brisbane Rotary Awards, 2019 Moreton Bay Prize, 2021 Mandorla Art Awards, and the 2022 Paddington Art Prize. 

Perrin's greatest joy is having the opportunity to share her passion for art with others.

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