Corporate Workshops

Businesses wanting Corporate team building activities and exercises need look no further that Lilly-Lee Gallery's Corporate Workshops.

Discover how art can help you and your colleagues explore a creative and refreshing approach to business, and bring out the fun creative side of your staff in a social and relaxed atmosphere.

Lilly-Lee Corporate Workshops offer unique opportunities for groups wanting a challenge that involves a dynamic team-building experience or a space to rediscover a way to de-stress and refresh your creative minds.

With the guidance of the art teachers the participants will embark on a fun filled, dynamic and exciting journey, creating an art piece that will hang in their offices which will be a talking point for many years to come. Contact the gallery on 33797828 to tailor your next event.


"I wanted to take my staff on an inspiring day out to continue the team building we have been working on at Mt Ommaney Centre. When I approached Lilly-Lee about an idea for a painting workshop they quickly came up with a fantastic concept of 6 groups of 3 or 4 persons working on a scene that, when completed, was then assembled into one large painting that now proudly hangs in our reception area. This one and a half hour workshop was highly rated by all who participated and the assistance and organisation by the Lilly-Lee staff was outstanding. I highly recommend them to you for a novel and inspiring activity."

John Carroll, Centre Manager, Mt Ommaney Centre


"What a wonderful experience you provide with your corporate painting workshop. The Brookside team learned a lot about themselves and each other doing the group project, and really enjoyed the surprise of the end result. The team was delighted that we could create such a masterpiece!"

Deanne Woolcock, Marketing Manager, Brookside Shopping Centre


"Thank you for a wonderful day and to share the experience in the world of art - the time was very relaxing, soothing and spent with good company."

Le-Anne Parkinson


"It was great to have the feeling of kinship to create something, at the same time not knowing what we were creating, and the surprise at the end of the day when I saw the finished piece was priceless. Thank you so much."

Pieta Van Beest


"Thank you very much for the opportunity to show off my considerable hidden talents, both in painting & singing that the others in our team were unaware of. I had a very enjoyable time and thanks to the experience I now know who to, and more importantly, who not to ask for help with my next painting project. ... once again thank you very much for the experience."

Peter Blackwell


"Thanks  a good time was had by all. I learnt what a relaxing pastime painting is and can honestly say I am going to encourage my husband especially to take it up. He had such a talent in that field when he was younger so I'm sure he can develop it again. I'm sure all the older ladies in particular loved the music to paint to, and that also increased the relaxation aspect. Thanks again for a great day.

Beverley Thwaites


"Thanks Lilly-Lee Gallery for a fun day out! We all know who handles what in the office, but seeing my co-workers in a different environment, and what our creative strengths are was a real treat. Also getting to paint again after so long was great! Thanks for the tips and helping us produce a piece of art we can proudly call our own."

Kelly Beaverson, Marketing Assistant, Brookside Shopping Centre